Interview with Ballet Star: Juliet Doherty

Interview with Ballet Star: Juliet Doherty

Here at Anything Dance, we love celebrating talented artists who are making it big in the dance industry. So, you can only imagine our excitement when we found out ballet star and actress, Juliet Doherty would be visiting our Sydney store!

Juliet has won gold twice at one of the biggest ballet competitions in the world – the Youth America Grand Prix, danced at the Radio City Hall alongside the famed Rockettes and performed in The Kennedy Center musical Little Dancer. The young role model also has a huge social media following and uses this platform to share parts of her personal and professional life with her fans.

Despite all of her success, the 20-year-old remains as humble as she is stunning; greeting her Aussie fans with a warm hug, spending time signing their posters and posing alongside the young dancers for a photo.

We chatted to Juliet about ballet, her two new films and what it takes for an aspiring dancer to make it in the industry.

How did you first get started in the dance industry?

Juliet: I began dancing at my great-grandmother’s dance studio when I was only three years old. My Mum was also a dancer and coached me from a young age. My family has always been so supportive and continue to be very much involved in my life, including my training.

Tell us about where you grew up?

Juliet: I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At 14, I danced in the American Grand Prix and I moved away from home at 15 to pursue my career in dance. I still go home and spend time with my family, either hiking or hanging out with my sister.

What do you like most about Australia?

Juliet: Definitely the food and the people, everyone is so nice! My Dad was actually born in QLD!

Tell us about your role in the upcoming movie On Pointe?

Juliet: In On Pointe, I play an 18-year-old dancer from Phoenix. My on-screen mum doesn’t really believe I can make it in the industry and thinks I should be trying to do something more realistic with my life.  My character really resonates with me because I’ve definitely felt misunderstood and I know what it’s like to fight for my passion. It also made me feel really lucky because my family has always supported my dream to dance.

Do you think you will continue to act?

Juliet: Definitely, I love acting! I’m actually starring in another movie that will be out soon – it’s called High Strung: Free Dance.

What advice would you give to aspiring dancers in Australia?

Juliet: Just trust yourself and your passion. You can still be open to other opinions but never stop trying, no matter what. Sometimes you have to move to make your dream a reality and it can be hard to be away from family and friends, but keep believing in your goals!

How much do you train?

Juliet: During a performance season, about 8 – 12 hours a day.

Do you have any health or nutrition tips?

Juliet: I stick to a vegan, plant-based diet as I find I have more energy and feel better all round. Just make sure you eat a lot if you dance a lot…and you can also treat yourself occasionally!

Best life experience so far?

Juliet: Ooh, that’s a tough question. Probably dancing with the Rockettes on New Year’s Eve or dancing at the Lincoln Centre in New York City.

Describe your favourite costume and warm up outfit?

Juliet: My favourite costume would be anything blue because it’s my favourite colour. For warm up, I’d probably say my Star Wars knit tights from Target!

What are your goals for the future?

Juliet: I want to continue to dance and act, and just enjoy every minute of every day. I don’t want to take the little things for granted.


What an inspiration! Good luck with everything Juliet and thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your exciting life.


(Image via MDM Dance)

4 Must-Have Little Black Leotards

4 Must-Have Little Black Leotards


Have you got an audition coming up? How about a dance comp? No matter the occasion, every dancer needs a classic black leotard that helps them stand out from the crowd. Our style experts have picked out their top 4 little black leotards you need for that special occasion, or even just for dance class!

Style Icon

If you want stylish, look no further. The Ainsliewear Blaze Leotard with Mesh elongates your arms to create those beautiful, long silhouettes when you dance. The sweetheart neckline and flattering shape will make you feel feminine and confident – it even looks good with jeans!


Fashion Forward


As fashion-forward as they come, the Strut Stuff Carmellia Leotard will elevate your look from dancer to superstar. The lace and lycra combination gives you both an elegant and edgy look. Or if you’re feeling extra rebellious, get it in yellow because why not?!


Less is More

Looking for something simple with a twist? The Capezio Twist Back leotard has all the features of your standard leotard except for the trendy back design. The unique twist detail will give you an edge when you’re on the stage but its simplicity will ensure your moves get noticed.


The Performer

Stand out from the crowd in this gorgeous leotard, best suited for performances and lyrical dance styles. The Energetiks Velvet Tie Dye Leo looks super cute on and creates a stunning effect when you’re under the spotlight. It also features a lovely crossed back and front lining, for support and comfort!



Want to see more of our fashion leotards? Shop!

After these styles in child sizes? Give us a call on (02) 4625 0165 or email us at




5 Useful Tips for Getting Your First Pair of Pointe Shoes

5 Useful Tips for Getting Your First Pair of Pointe Shoes


Getting your first pair of pointe shoes can be one of the most exciting days in a dancer’s life. Beyond the excitement, there is also lots of preparation when it comes to your first pointe shoe fitting. It’s important to be fitted properly, as the right pointe shoe can help you to reach your full potential as a dancer.

To help you get super prepared for your fitting, we’ve listed 5 things to add to your to-do list to make the transition to pointe as smooth as possible.

1. Get approval from your teacher and physio

Prior to your fitting, you should discuss with your ballet teacher if you are ready to go en pointe and in some cases, you should also see a dance physiotherapist for assessment. Remember, it is far better to wait a few more months if your teacher and physio think you need a little more development – patience is key!


2. Book an appointment

When you call to make an appointment at an Anything Dance store, we provide one of our Pointe Shoe Experts to fit you into the perfect shoe for you. A fitting usually takes between 30 – 40 minutes so booking an appointment ensures someone can see you even during busy periods like Back to Dance.

3. Bring a letter from your teacher and/or physio

We love to hear feedback from your dance teachers and if your physio has any special requests about your feet, the fitters can take that into consideration when they fit you. The more information we have, the more we can help!

4. Wear comfortable clothing

You may be asked to rise or plié during your fitting and the fitter will need to see your bare feet – we suggest wearing loose clothing and convertible tights. You may want to wear something you feel great in as well, just in case you want to capture your first fitting for Instagram!

5. Cut your toenails short and circular

The pressure from your pointe shoes can cause ingrown nails to occur – ouch! Keep them short for the fitting (and keep trimming your nails long after). We also recommend gently stretching your feet and ankles before your appointment to avoid injuring yourself before you even get started!

At Anything Dance, we ensure our customers are fitted properly and take our time to find the perfect shoe to help you improve upon your technique. Our experienced team of Pointe Shoe Experts are equipped with years of knowledge to ensure your feet are protected and supported.

If you are ready for your first pair of pointe shoes, call us to make an appointment on (02) 9716 5581

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Choosing The Right Ballet Shoes For Dance Class

Choosing The Right Ballet Shoes For Dance Class

Getting ready to go back to dance can be a little stressful, especially when your list includes new dance shoes. For ballet dancers, there’s so many options that it’s easy to become overwhelmed – satin, leather or canvas? Split sole or full sole? And what brand?!

This year it’s all about canvas ballet shoes. We asked our trend team to share 3 of their top Anything Dance brands to try before you go back to class including the features of their 6 favourite canvas styles.


1. MDM (Intrinsic and Intrinsic Reflex)


MDM’s Intrinsic canvas ballet slipper has been designed aesthetically as a split-sole but built functionally like a full-sole by featuring the Dance Base Support.

The built-in Dance Base Support technology positions the canvas slipper as a viable option for young dancers. The Intrinsic protects and supports the foot and arch, and allows the intrinsic muscles to recover when at rest.



The Intrinsic Reflex protects and supports your feet by providing something called proprioception (sensory feedback), as well as controlled resistance and critical shock absorption.

These shoes have been designed with a Reflex Contour that dynamically expands and contracts in sync with the dramatic changes of the dancer’s body.

This slipper will prepare dancers for demi pointe and pointe work, while the Reflex Contour is ideal for growing bodies.


2. Bloch (Prolite Canvas and Pro Elastic)


The Bloch Prolite split-sole is made from a soft but durable canvas that hugs the arch when pointing. The slippers minimize ridges under the metatarsals with the oval split-sole pads creating extra support.

They come with a cotton drawstring to ensure a snug fit and are ideal for your ballet class and performances. Plus they are so easy to wash!



The Pro Elastic ballet slipper has been specifically developed for interdisciplinary work like lyrical, jazz, ballet and gymnastics. The pre-sewn crossed elastic straps are super handy and contour to the foot in a full range of movement.

This soft elastic also evenly distributes tension around the foot relieving pressure on the Achilles tendon.


3. Capezio (Juliet and Hanami)



Capezio’s canvas Juliet split-sole features a unique “diamond gusset” which provides a seamless sculpted arch. The ability to feel the floor is further enhanced by the substitution of a soft moisture absorbent lining in place of traditional sock lining.

The Juliet is sturdy yet soft with a drawstring you can’t pull out.  The treated suede outsole resists moisture for long lasting wear.



This split-sole ballet shoe features the ultimate comfort and fit. The four way stretch canvas hugs your foot, feeling like a second skin.

The buttery soft lining provides comfort while maintaining that unique seamless Capezio design.


If you like any of the above styles, contact us to make an order or enquiry. Still can’t decide? Visit us in store to try our range of other ballet shoes.



The Dance Brands You’ll Be Wearing in 2017

The Dance Brands You’ll Be Wearing in 2017

As dancers, we all have our favourite brands for certain products. It could be the brand that designs those one-off stylish leotards, or maybe it’s the brand of those ballet shoes that just fit so perfectly.

Each brand has its own unique quality and we’ve listed 8 of our favourite below so you can get the best product for your individual dance needs in 2017.


After a fresh and modern look? Energetiks creates styles that are fun and practical all at the same time. They use the best fabrics to design garments that are high in quality and durability. Plus, check out their printed tees – so cool!


If you want to stand out from the crowd, Ainsliewear is your brand. They design stunning leotards and high quality styles for men, women and children. Their gorgeous dancewear fabrics are always a fabulous fit and are perfect for that special performance.


Capezio is one of those brands you know you can rely on for all stages of your dance life. They create elegant leotards and classic styles that are perfect for ballet. And you can’t go past a pair of Capezio dance shoes. Their jazz, tap and ballet shoes will give you comfort and support with that quality design.


A favourite amongst ballet dancers from around the world, Bloch’s pointe shoes are some of the best in the industry. They also make high quality dance and activewear customised for all types of dancers.


MDM designs their dance shoes using the latest technology to give you a shoe that moves with the body. This purpose-built technology can even reduce your chance of sustaining a dance injury and speed up your recovery process. Thanks science!


Each Grishko pointe shoe is handcrafted in Russia, so you know they’re good. They are renowned around the world for being of the finest quality and are worn by some of the most high profile ballerinas in the dance industry.


Strut Stuff

One of the most fashion-forward dance brands around, Strut Stuff always have a great range of products. Their bright gymnastics costumes and gorgeous leotards will make you the centre of attention. They also have stunning crop and shorts collections that include lace detail and beautiful patterns.

Studio 7

Just after a basic leotard, pair of tights or a tee? Studio 7 is your go-to brand for high quality basics at a good price. They also have a great range of stockings, undergarments and body stockings. Oh, and we just love their tutus!