Pointe Shoe Care Pack


At home Care Pack 

This Pack is to help the life of your Pointe Shoes. 

Pack includes:

1x Bunheads Deodorizing Pack

1x Jet Glue

1x Mesh Shoe Bag

Normally $44.95



Deodorizing Pouches

Sealed linen bags come filled with superporous bamboo charcoal to naturally absorb odors and moisture from your shoes. Place the Deodorizing Pouch in Pointe shoe to remove and prevent moisture and odor. Allowing your Pointe shoe to dry in between each use. Each package contains one pair (2 bags) that can be reused for up to two years.

Fast Drying Jet™ Glue Maximizes Pointe Shoe Use

Maximize the life of your pointe shoe by applying a thin layer of fast drying Jet™ Glue to the inside of the toe box and shank. Will not cut into studio time as the glue sets in only 10 to 20 seconds! 

Mesh Shoe Bag

Convenient storage for your pointe shoes and accessories. The mesh allows Pointe shoes to breath and dry out in between use.

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